Created by: Emilian Siemsia | 17 October 2022

FriendlyScore has a new brand Identity

It’s here! Let us introduce you to Planky!

We’re not only transforming our client’s businesses, we’re transforming our brand!

But don’t worry, we’re still the same highly committed team that’s here to make accessing and verification of account information as easy, simple and secure as always.

Planky is a better, simpler and more secure way of accessing your customer’s financial account information and make verified payments, for them and you, using Open Banking.

Account holder verification

Verify your customer’s account information and ownership within seconds via their banking app.

View detailed account information

View your customer’s account details, transactions and balances in real time for up-to-the minute verification of affordability, with the ease of automated decisions.

Verify bank payments instantly with ease

Make sending and accepting verified secure bank payments simple in real time. Withdraw funds, send refunds or make pay-outs instantly.

Planky gives you industry-leading, innovative and secure open banking solutions that provides you with up-to-the-minute financial data that allows you to make the right banking decision instantly.

Get more information on how Planky can transform your business financially today!