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What is account aggregation and how can it help businesses?

If you need to automatically access all financial assets without submitting multiple copies of physical or scanned documents, you must have heard about account aggregators. If it doesn’t ring a bell, time to change it - account aggregation is a perfect way to streamline underwriting processes by providing digital verification capabilities. How does it work? How can it be beneficial? Let’s find out!

Prevent fraud with instant Account Check – how to do it right

Do you know that 2022 ended with over 2.4 million reports of fraud with losses reaching $8.8 billion? Financial transactions have been moving from paper-based to digital platforms which require more and more robust security protocols. Therefore, companies need more comprehensive fraud prevention and security protocols to make sure their online transactions are fully protected and error-free. One of the best tools designed to enhance your security protocols is Account Check.

What is Account Check and why do you need it?

We live in the age of technology where manual account verification becomes more and more challenging, time-intensive, and expensive. Manual processes delay decision-making which often affects the business’s productivity and efficiency. But what if there is a quick and cost-effective tool for account verification? The Account Check solution is software that enables businesses to confirm the owner of a bank account by fetching real-time data from banks.

Automated Credit Decisioning

In the dynamic landscape of finance, the evaluation of creditworthiness stands as a cornerstone for lending institutions. Traditional methods, reliant on manual processes, have given way to a new era of precision and efficiency through automated credit decisioning engines.

Transaction Categorization Engine – How Is It Made?

One of the biggest challenges today’s companies face is how to effectively analyze and use massive amounts of data that they process in their systems. Producing real-time insights and actionable recommendations requires smart data management, especially when it comes to financial and transactional information. This is where a key part of banking comes into the picture – transaction categorization. It can work miracles for improved transaction enrichment.

Revolutionizing Auto Finance: The Role of Open Banking

Auto finance is one of the sectors that have been prominently benefiting from open banking by revolutionizing how auto finance lenders operate, leading to enhanced customer experiences, streamlined processes, and heightened transparency.

We have launched a new Credit Decision Tool at Planky!

Planky empowers your business by designing, building, and deploying automated workflows that save you time and create operational efficiencies. Our no-code solution puts the power of automated decisions in the hands of any business.

How do lenders use open banking?

Over the last few years, Open Banking has been a buzzword in the financial industry, with many touting it as the future of banking. While the benefits to the customers are significant, Open Banking is also proving to be a game-changer for lenders. In this blog, we will take a look at how Open Banking is helping lenders.

How to streamline reconciliation process with open banking

With Planky API, businesses can streamline their reconciliation process and save time and resources. By automating the reconciliation process, businesses can avoid errors and reduce the risk of non-compliance with accounting regulations.

Unity Auto Finance and Planky Join Forces to Transform Auto Finance with Open Banking.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Unity Auto Finance, an auto finance company dedicated to providing customers with a simple, quick, and secure car-buying experience. Our collaboration with Unity Auto Finance has enabled them to leverage the benefits of open banking and make informed, data-driven decisions for their customers.

How to Migrate to Planky from Credit Kudos?

Planky is your number one alternative to Credit Kudos. A leading open banking provider, we offer all the open banking services you would have been enjoying with Credit Kudos

Planky Open Banking Partner with Y3S Group!

As a mortgage broker, the Y3S Group knows that time is of the essence in getting customer mortgages approved as soon as possible. Indeed, their service proposition is based around speed including a one hour turnaround on a mortgage decision.

Planky New Features!

At Planky, we continuously work hard to keep innovating, improving and transforming our open banking solutions to benefit you and your business. That’s why we’re delighted to announce our new exciting features.