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Access bank account data in an easy, regulated and automated way. Verify your customers, suppliers or yourself.

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Check your customers’ financials

We know your customers are special so, we’ve made it simple to check and understand their financial habits.


See all bank accounts in one place

Get the full picture of all bank accounts in a way that is easy to understand. Monitor transactions and statements in real time.


Save time and focus on your business

View all your bank accounts in one place – no downloading documents from multiple locations. Save time, so you can spend more time focusing on the things that matter.

Grow your business

Join us now and start growing revenue with every new customer you connect with.

Solutions for your business

Whatever your business, you can benefit from open banking

    Monitor your finances

    View all your financial information in one place. Track your money in real time to better understand your financial circumstances.

    Understand your customers’ finances

    Your customers are the foundation of your business, so understanding their financial position is key.

    Check your business partners

    Don’t guess. Choose your business partners based on their financial position, and facts.


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What market leaders say about using Planky

The open banking service provided by Planky has made our processing service much easier and it has reduced the time it takes for our applications to be completed. This is not only a big positive for us but also our customers.

We were set up and ready to use the service in very little time and the interface for Planky is user-friendly and easy to pick up. It took minimal training for our staff to learn how to use the service and we've had little to no issues since.

Glad we started using Planky and wish we'd started using the service much sooner than we did!

Kwok Man

Executive Director, Faith Financial


Accuracy. Open banking provides comprehensive personal and corporate transactional information.


Save time. Focus on your customers. Grow your business.


Superfast data processing. We analyse huge amounts of data, in real time.


Conversion rates. Simple open banking that customers can understand, and trust.

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