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Planky Frequently asked questions

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What is Planky?

Planky is your trusted provider for financial data sharing through open banking technology. We are a highly regulated firm authorized by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Account Information Service Provider. Our online platform allows you to securely share your financial information from your bank and credit card providers with the financial services firm of your choice, such as your lender, mortgage provider, estate agent, or broker.

What is the process of Open Banking?

We make the process simple by requiring you to sign in to your online banking account to authenticate your identity, and then confirming your permission to share the data with Planky. Rest assured, we never have access to your login credentials - only the financial information you choose to share.

With Planky, you can easily and quickly share your financial information by connecting multiple financial institutions at once, just like uploading bank statements. Once you'velinked your accounts, we compile all the data into a usable form for banks, brokers, and lenders. Remember, our services are only available through specifically regulated organizations like Planky.

Does Planky impact my traditional credit score?

Your traditional credit score will not be negatively impacted by a Planky check. Unlike traditional credit reference bureaus, we don't leave a mark on your credit record when you undergo a credit check. However, it'simportant to keep in mind that if you're applying for a loan, your lender may conduct their own separate credit check which could affect your credit report or score. Ifyou're uncertain, it's best to reach out to your loan company for clarification.

Who has access to my data?

Information about you will only be accessible to Planky and the organization or business that has requested that you complete a Planky check. Your explicit approval is required for any sharing of your Open Banking data.

How long will my data be kept on record and stored?

Your information will be shared with the company of your choosing by Planky, and they will use it in accordance with your agreement with them. To ensure privacy, Planky will only retain your personally identifiable information for the duration of our service. You have the option to manage your data through or reach out to us at if you need assistance.

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