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Connect Open Banking with your business

Monitor personal and customer finances in one place. Check business partner’s financial circumstances to successfully grow your company.

Get the complete picture

Authenticate and verify your customer’s bank account details in seconds.

Identity Check

Accelerate KYC and AML checks. Let your customers authenticate their identity. Automated verification via a single API.

Preview Bank Transactions

Gather bank transaction information from all connected accounts in one place.

Account Analysis

Monitor customer financial activity. Understand their financial position in full to make informative business decisions.

Simple for your customers

Let customers share their financial data in a safe, secure and easy way.

Email Invitations

Send an automated email to your customers via the open banking dashboard. Get financial data without any integration.

Ready Solutions

Integrate your open banking customer’s journey via your website or mobile app with ready-to-go Planky UX SDKs.

Custom Flow Builder

Build a dedicated open banking customer journey using our Public API and Mobile SDK, delivering the best customer experience.

Easy for your team

Give your team the right open banking tool

Everything in One Place

Monitor your customers’ financial position through one central dashboard. Manage invitations and review financial data reports to get things done.

Clear Reports

Get in-depth analytical data, insights and future predictions about your customers’ financial position.

Easy Integration

Integrate your customer financial data and open banking PSD2 data as part of your decision making process with our easy to use Public API.

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Get the complete financial picture instantly… from day one.

Solutions for your business

Whatever your business, you can benefit from open banking

    Access all bank accounts

    Access all bank accounts

    Let your customers share their personal and corporate bank accounts safely and securely, delivering an exceptional customer experience.

    Transaction classification

    Transaction classification

    Personal and corporate bank transaction classification into 100+ categories with 95% accuracy.

    Account holder information

    Account holder information

    Access and confirm account holder’s first and last name.

    Income detection

    Income detection

    View all income sources, including salary and payment frequency.

    Gig economy

    Gig economy

    Check how many jobs your customer has to understand their regular and irregular income.

    Financial insights

    Financial insights

    Get financial markers about your customers’, like detecting salary loss or new debt management activity.



    Gather all relevant metrics to establish a clear picture about personal and business bank account data.



    Get account balance predictions up to 90 days in advance.

    Financial Credibility

    Financial Credibility

    Understand the probability on loan payback time frames.


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