Created by: Emilian Siemsia | 16 February 2023

Unity Auto Finance and Planky Join Forces to Transform Auto Finance with Open Banking.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Unity Auto Finance, an auto finance company dedicated to providing customers with a simple, quick, and secure car-buying experience. Our collaboration with Unity Auto Finance has enabled them to leverage the benefits of open banking and make informed, data-driven decisions for their customers.

At Unity Auto Finance, they believe in creating equal opportunities for their customer base. By using open banking, they are able to relieve the pressure of assiduity for their underwriters and streamline their processes, resulting in a more efficient and effective car-buying experience. Through our partnership, Unity Auto Finance is now able to offer their customers access to a more innovative and streamlined auto finance experience.

Jennifer Rothwell, the Chief Operating Officer of Unity Auto Finance, has provided a testimonial on our partnership:

"Open Banking relieves the pressure of assiduity for our underwriters. We strive for an efficient car-buying experience for all of our customers on the basis that our process is simple, quick, and secure. By ensuring our underwriters make informed, data-driven decisions we believe this will create equal opportunities for our customer base and with the help of Planky... we are able to achieve this!"

We are excited to see the positive impact our partnership with Unity Auto Finance will have on the auto finance industry. By using open banking, auto finance companies can make better, more informed decisions and ultimately improve their customers' experiences.

This partnership is a testament to our commitment to providing innovative solutions for the financial industry. We believe that our partnership with Unity Auto Finance is just the beginning of what we can achieve together. As we continue to explore new and exciting ways to utilize open banking, we are excited to see the positive impact we can have on the financial industry and the lives of our customers.

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