Created by: Emilian Siemsia | 29 January 2020

FriendlyScore Sandbox Bank. What is that?

Open Banking is revolutionising the way we approach finance. By giving individuals unprecedented control over their financial data and who they share it with, Open Banking has led to a greater consumer demand for more innovative services, improved personalisation and a wider choice of products. In turn, providers are looking for ways to meet these needs.

In December 2019, FriendlyScore released their Open Banking solution for businesses, extending their standard analytical offering for alternative data to include this powerful new data source. In conjunction with this service, FriendlyScore has also developed a sandbox environment which offers development and testing opportunities for its users.

Welcome to the Sandbox Bank

When it comes to optimising your solution, there is no substitute for working in a real-world data environment. The FriendlyScore Sandbox Bank is a custom development and production environment which gives you the ability to train and test your application or model on the full range of Open Banking data to which you have access. Whether looking to test data connection speeds for your personal finance management app, or assess the performance of your credit risk models across a variety of transactional data metrics, the Sandbox Bank can meet your needs.

For those whose Open Banking data connections do not yet yield sufficient data for their testing requirements, FriendlyScore also includes advanced AI-based simulations of individual and SME cash flow patterns within the Sandbox Bank, ensuring your solution can reach its optimum capability whether real-world data is available or not.

How to Start?

In order to get quick access to our Open Banking solution and the Sandbox Bank, see our Quickstart app which will guide you through the setup process and give you a guided tour of the Sandbox Bank.

To explore the Sandbox Bank in greater detail, please register to get a Free API Keys and see our official documentation. We are happy to help you with integration needs and answer all your questions. Please contact us or speak directly with your account manager.

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